Club Roles & Committee Positions

Yanchep Districts Junior Football Club 

Listed below are both Executive and General Committee positions up for selection for the  2019 season. 

With a few current committee members not coming back next year , we need more members to help out by taking on these roles listed below

These positions are not set in stone , are flexible and can often be shared with another member if required.

If you are unsure of the role please speak with our President “Wilko” or Linda Cockman our retiring Life Member for the run down on these positions


EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: (Full details available in YDJFC constitution)

1) President: Act as chairperson of all club meetings, represent the club and act as spokesperson for the club. Ensure club is run by the constitution and by law rules. Promote the club and have a passion to improve YDJFC. Provide monthly reports.

2) Vice President: Assist the president at all times, and carry out president duties in His / Her absence. Assist co-ordinators and team managers and promote the club at all times possible.

3) Secretary: Conduct the correspondence of the club, take minutes at meetings, provide written record of meetings, liaise with correspondence in& out, provide administrating and secretarial support as required.

4) Treasurer: Be responsible for management of clubs financial matters and records. Provide monthly reports at meetings. Administer invoicing and maintain financial direction for the club.

5) Delegate: Represents the club on behalf of the President at JCC meeting and reports back to YDJFC at monthly meetings.

6) Registrar/Statistician: Responsible for registrations, club statistics, game day paperwork, ground allocations and clearances. Working with president on team nominations, provide monthly reports.

7)    Auskick Registrar: Responsible for Auskick registrations, Working with the registrar and data entry.



  • Canteen Manager: Represent in the interest of the club. Opening, closing, cleaning, staffing, maintain canteen throughout the season and provide a friendly service on both training and game days also special occasions called by the club and monthly report presented at meetings.
  • Auskick Co-ordinator: Run YDJFC Auskick program for the season, create excitement and provide fun and practice of Aussie rules.
  • Sponsorships: Appling for and collecting sponsorships for club and reporting them back to club committee. Keeping sponsors up to date with club functions and events and newsletter etc.
  • Grants: Applying and Acquitting grants and reporting them back to club committee.
  • Apparel Coordinator: Manager the distribution of apparel as part of registration fees to members once paid and control sales of Club Merchandise, keeping a record of apparel and providing treasurer with a monthly balance sheet.
  • Newsletter / Flyer Editor / Website Coordinator: Compiling and editing and producing newsletter, with sponsors Adverts, Coach Reports & club news.
  • Coach Coordinator: Keeping Coaches informed of training clinics, junior footy bylaws & flow chart rules from district, coaching forums at West Perth, and any other information regarding coaches.
  • Equipment Coordinator: Responsible for distribution and collection of all equipment. Stock take & the organizing of storage.
  • First Aid Coordinator: Ordering of supplies and ensuring all age groups have sufficient first aid equipment along with arranging training for team first aiders who require it as stated in competition by-laws.
  • Gala Day Coordinator: Coordinating a team of helpers in preparation for Gala Day. Include: Advertising, Raffles, Rides, Inviting Sponsors & West Perth Executive, PA system and announcements, informing canteen of requirements and hours needed.
  • Team Photos Coordinator: Organise for photos of each team to be taken and names of kids listed in order of photo placement and artwork, printing and lamination. Also, to liase with Team Managers to obtain photos of Milestone Players – 50/100 gamers.
  • Presentation & Trophy Coordinator: Ordering and collection of trophies for each team including Auskick. Updating of all club memorabilia boards. Organizing any decorations needed for the day.
  • General Committee: Usually 6 members which have an interest in YDJFC as a whole assist at trainings and game days and attend monthly meeting when possible.

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Remember … Without Parent Volunteers Taking On These Roles We Can’t Run Our Club

Go Redhawks !