School Year Level 3 – 7 ( Modified )

Last years Auskickers now move up into the big league with our year 4,5,6,& 7's !

This year will be a big step for some who were just getting used to Auskick , but they will be carefully , nurtured and guided by our coaches and managers. This level offers children aged from school year 3's to 7 their first opportunity at playing football in a club environment on a bigger 'oval'.

The modified players start playing together against opposition teams in a more structured game day, while getting  experience playing all over the ground in different positions.

Every player gets a chance to play in all the positions on the ground. It doesn't matter who is the tallest , shortest, fastest, or most skilled in the  game, every player on the team gets a chance to have a go and have fun. They are now well on there way to learning to hold their positions around the ground and remember set game plays

"At this level the modified competition is all about developing skills in team sports , interaction with teammates , and coaching staff. The focus is not on winning , but on developing our players for the future while having a lot of fun "! 

Is It Safe To Play Aussie Rules ?

The rules are heavily modified from the regular games, with a focus on teaching kids to play a team sport fairly and safely. One of the things we hear from concerned parents when stepping up from Auskick  is about their child being  hurt during tackles.

Parents wondering about tackling , don't need to worry as this is a modified competition and the rules are modified and designed to keep our children safe.  A player in year 3-4 is only permitted to grab and hold the opposition , they are not permitted to take a another player to the ground at this level. The whistle is blown quickly by association umpires to protect all players involved.  

As the year levels go up , so do the skill levels and the rules are a modified to suit each year level. It makes it a lot easier for a player to develop their skills when they are in an environment that is safe and controlled and that is why they play a modified version of the game at this age. 

Year 4 Players receiving instructions from their Coach for the next half of the game

The players relish their opportunity  to play against other teams , and it's amazing to see how competitive they can get at such a  young age. 

Junior football at YDJFC provides Boys and Girls the opportunity to make friends, keep active and learn new skills in a supportive environment.  

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