Presidents Mid Year Report

January 2018

Presidents Mid Year Report 

Graeme 'Wilko' Wilkinson

Hello to our Redhawks family,

We now find ourselves at the half way point of the season and I hope the 2 week break has recharged everyone’s batteries to fully immerse ourselves in the last half of 2018 season .

It has been amazing to see all of our junior Redhawks embrace our brand and colours, which they have worn with pride, showing great determination and effort win, lose, or draw every game day.


A huge thank you must go out to their coaches, assistant coaches, first aiders, parent umpires, interchange recorders and managers to get our boys and girls ready to play and make sure their game day experience is as enjoyable and smooth as possible for all involved. Thank you also to every other parent who is involved every week filling rosters for runners, goal umpires, canteen, water runners, oranges, jumper washing, and score keeping.
As you can see it takes a great real of effort from a lot of parents to ensure that our teams can play every week so please jump in where you are available to help to make sure the load is shared between many. The same applies at training where the more parent participation we have the more drills can be broken down into smaller groups ensuring each kid maximises the touches they get and therefore their development. Remember though kids that you all have footballs now and the more you, kick, handball, catch, pick up, and bounce away from training the quicker your skills will develop which will flow onto better team development.

Auskick 2018

Our Auskick program is always a challenge trying to keep all our little Redhawks fully engaged and focused for the sessions and I thank our coaches for doing their best to make this happen. A big thanks go out to all the parents who get involved to help out with drills and I know the coaches would always welcome more help from more parents to break drills up into smaller groups and keep our precious little Redhawks “ on the ball”.

Please take the time to say a massive thank you to Mel and Jason Glover in particular who put an immense amount of time and effort into the Auskick program, and without them it simply would not happen . 

People quite often come to them with problems ( which is great also as we are always looking to improve) but forget that a little thank you from time to time let’s our volunteers know that their efforts are appreciated.
If you can assist at all even every 2nd week due to work/life commitments please see Mel as any help at all can only help the kids develop and ultimately make the day run smoothly.
We must also thank our sponsors who have made it possible to do what we can for our young Redhawks. Without you we could do very little. Please support them wherever possible.

I would like also to take this time to thank all of your hard working committee who have now put nearly 12 months effort into all needed to be done to enable our kids to play every week.
On this note as well we need to look forward to the 2019 season as preparations for it commence immediately that this season ends.

A huge thank you must go out to Linda and Ash Cockman who are life members who have stepped back into executive committee roles to guide us and get the club running smoothly again. Their knowledge and advice has been invaluable to all of us. We all owe them a massive thanks especially considering that their own children are now adults and no longer a part of the junior club.
They will be leaving us at the end of this season and we wish them all the best for the future.

The Future

I also will be stepping down as President at the end of this season to spend more time with my family and give some time to my local community in Woodridge.
This means that we need members to step up and take our fantastic club to the next level. This year there has been too few doing multiple roles which has really burnt some out.
I believe that unless ALL committee roles are filled next year and the years to follow that the club could ultimately dissolve as our numbers increase every year.
If you think you have the time to get on board then please come and see me so we can get you on board now so that the handover process will be smooth and not overwhelming when the time comes.

Have A Great Gala Day 

On the eve of our Gala day I wish all our teams the very best for tomorrow. Remember Redhawks wear your colours with pride, share the ball with your team mates, have fun, and give it ALL you have got.

See you all tomorrow for a great Redhawks day!!


Graeme “Wilko” Wilkinson President YDJFC  -

YDJFC President 


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