School Year Level 8 – 12 ( Open Youth )

It All Starts Coming Together ​​​!

The players in these age groups are getting bigger, stronger, faster and their skill levels have been developed to the stage where they know what to do, and how to do it , they are now just getting on with the game and having fun in a very competitive environment.

Our players are now training hard 2 nights a week and look forward to playing their games on a Sunday.

Traditionally this age group is the hardest to retain players in as there seems to be more things going on in their lives than ever before,  and they struggle to choose what to do and which way to go !

Team sports are the best way to keep involved with mates , grow your 'Real' social networks and form bonds that can last a lifetime. 

Strong role models, from our coaching staff ensure that our players are still on track during these 'busy' times.

Every player gets a chance to play in all the positions on the ground. It doesn't matter who is the tallest , shortest, fastest, or most skilled in the  game, every player on the team gets a chance to have a go and have fun. They are now well on there way to learning to hold their positions around the ground and remember set game plays

" Our Open Youth Players are a very important group of players that we want to develop to their full potential and offer them greater opportunities as they transition to Senior Football  "

Open Youths A Great Foundation For The Future

Our players develop friendships and connections that often last a lifetime, these year are often looked back on when the payers are a bit older as the best years of their life as , they were fit , strong and always having fun.

They are mentored by Coaches and Club Officials to bring the best out of themselves which in turn makes a strong club and strong community members

Open Youth Team ( ? ) 

The players relish their opportunity  to play against other teams , and it's amazing to see how competitive they can get at such a young age. 

Junior football at YDJFC provides our youths a great opportunity to make friends, keep active and learn new skills in a supportive environment.  

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