Year 8 - 12 (Open Youth)

The NAB AFL Open Youth provides the critical link from mass participation AFL Junior Football to the adult game. Learning how to train to consolidate the basic skills is the focus at this age level. Advanced technical and tactical skills start to be introduced, including decision making in games and training, positional skills and basic performance enhancing techniques, for example, warm up, cool down, nutrition, hydration, recovery, goal setting, pre and post match routines. 

It is important for players in this age group to feel an essential part of the team to develop self-efficacy, self worth and a connection with the community, club and team. Commitment and loyalty to the club and team, and social responsibility on and off the field in line with adult standards should be engendered and acknowledged. 


Playing in 1 open youth team $170

Playing in 2 open youth teams add $60. 

Please note year 7/8 girls team is classed as opens.

How to Register 

Click here to register your child/children for Open Youth AFL.


Once registered the team coach will be in contact to advise when training commences, closer to the start of the season. 

Should you have any queries, please email